The Team


Kim litwinczak, trainer


A USDF gold, silver and bronze medalist, Kim Litwinczak has successfully competed and trained horses through the Grand Prix level. She holds numerous USDF year-end awards and regional year-end awards and championships in Regions 2, 4 and 8.  

With over 20 years experience teaching and training dressage, Kim enjoys teaching professionals, adult amateurs and junior/young riders through the FEI levels. Originally coming from an eventing and young horse background, she incorporates cavaletti, long-lining and in-hand work into her program. Her positive teaching style follows the classic German training scale with a clear emphasis on the biomechanics of the horse and rider and how they influence harmony and thoroughness. Use of gymnastic exercises and theory explanation during lessons help each rider to achieve success on their own.

Many of Kim’s students have achieved their USDF Silver and Bronze medals and have won numerous regional championship and year end awards through Intermediate level. For more information, please visit


Sarah O'neill, trainer

Sarah dolce gmha.jpg

Sarah is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist, and a graduate of the USDF “L” program.  She holds a B.A. from Mt Holyoke College and and M.A. from University of New Hampshire. She has trained extensively with FEI**** (C) judge Sarah Geikie and 2008 World Cup competitor Jane Hannigan, and currently enjoys training under USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist Kim Litwinczak.

Her instruction and training is based in the classical principles of dressage. She believes that a harmonious and productive relationship between horse and rider begins with an understanding of both the nature and structure of the horse. She believes that correct training should not only improve the horse’s natural gaits, but also empower riders to work in harmony with their equine partners. For more information, please visit


leigh dunworth, owner


Leigh began riding as an adult, following her youngest daughter’s involvement in pony club and eventing. She served on the board of Jericho Forest Pony Club, ran a small stable from the family’s home in Sudbury, MA, and opened Hayward Brook Farm in 2010. Leigh rides Dunant, a 12 year old Oldenburg gelding, and Wittelsbach D, a 13 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding.

Leigh lives with her partner, dogs Dylan and Dazzle, and cat Alexander on the farm. She considers it a great privilege to own, ride, and care for horses, and is in awe of their beauty, power, and honesty on a daily basis.